Recruiting Info

Check out the nonprofit website  This site provides athletes and families a free, convenient, on-demand resource to educate on many topics critical to the recruiting process, including:

  • Three Rules of Being a Parent,

  • Scholarship Myths and Facts,

  • NAIA and JUCO Education,

  • Scholarships, do they differ?,

  • The Name Game,

  • Negotiate/Cooperative Education,

  • Dangers of Social Networking/Cell Phones/Saving for College,

  • National Letter of Intent,

  • NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Centers,

  • Recruiting Services, and

  • NCAA Core Course Requirements

For more information, view the parent letter here. is a tool that allows parents to easily track their child's progress toward meeting NCAA and NAIA academic requirements.  The parent letter above explains how to create an account using this website.





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